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General Description of the School

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management, a non-profit state institution, has been established on the 21st June 2005. It started education in September 2006 with 30 students enrolled in the School. Currently, a total of 194 students are registered. The School provides education in a way that aims at fostering students’ critical and analytical thinking skills and thus having them equipped with the capabilities necessary for active participation in the global professional life.

As of 2010 spring semester, the School employs a total of 12 academic staff: 1 associate professor with a PhD degree from a British University, 3 assistant professors, 1 lecturer with PhD, 3 instructors, 4 research assistants. Additionally, theoretical and practical courses given in the school are supported by the contribution of faculty members from other departments of our university and experts on tourism sector.

The School’s academic staff;

Ø  is dedicated to the principles of transparency and hard work,

Ø  is committed  to create the best possible academic atmosphere for constant development,

Ø  consists of  a group of  contributing members who are experts at their own fields, and who work in collaboration with relevant sector.

The School offers one undergraduate program with a length of four years: tourism and hotel management. Students take an Intensive English Course during the fall and spring terms in the freshman class. As a follow-up to the freshman class English education, students also take various English courses throughout their studies at the School such as: Advanced English, Translation from English to Turkish, Translation from Turkish to English, Written Communication in English, English for Specific Purposes.

The detailed content of the School curricula is to be presented in the forthcoming sections. The School offers day-time classes as well as evening classes.



Erciyes University Türkan-Tuncer Hasçalık Tourism and Hotel
Management College