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Located on the main campus of Erciyes University, our school makes it possible for our students to benefit from all social, cultural and major sports facilities on campus.

On Main Campus

    • With its rich archive for printed books and magazines, e-books, e-magazines, and e-theses, Kadir Has Central University is at the service of all students.
    • *Through its bilateral agreements, International Office enables students benefit from Socrates/Erasmus Exchange programs, Leonardo Da Vinci projects, and Youth in Action program.
    • Information and Communication Center provides students with an access to internet, online catalog and online database.
    • Students also have the opportunity to enjoy a great variety of social and cultural activities, some of which include trips, concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, festivals, and sports tournaments organized by student clubs, Cultural Centers, and the academic departments themselves.
    • Those stated above constitute only a small percent of facilities available on main campus. It is expected that students should discover the rest themselves.

Some other facilities within the college:

    • all classes are equipped with brand-new projectors, mp3 player and sound systems
    • there is an English learning center with an LCD TV, DVD player, satellite broadcast system
    • wireless internet
    • college library
    • food and beverage service application center with a richly furnished kitchen
    • housing service application center ( with a suite-style room)
    • computer room
    • canteen

Moreover, the students are satisfied socially and culturally as a result of excursions, musical festivals, exhibitions, theatres, concerts and sports activities arranged by student clubs, cultural centers and some academic units. Besides, the students are expected to discover the rest of the activities the university has.



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