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Educational Aim and Policy

The aim of the School is to educate and train the students in order to qualify them for the employment in the tourism and other services sectors. The students with their vocational and foreign language qualifications are expected to follow the career path to the mid- and high-level managerial positions.

In accordance with this purpose, our college’s main responsibility is determined as to provide all necessary opportunities for our students who should be equipped with enough knowledge and abilities on;

    • two foreign languages, one of which is English,
    • information technology and tourism establishments,
    • modern business administration and management and
    • professional experiences in tourism and hotel related works.

In this respect, we aim to graduate our students as individuals who;

    • know English at an advanced level,
    • are equipped with professional knowledge and skills,
    • know another second language in addition to English,
    • have basic knowledge on different social structures and features,
    • can realize their own abilities and improve them,
    • have the ability to communicate easily and effectively,
    • are able to work with a team,
    • have creative and productive personalities,
    • possess values such as tolerance, responsibility, self-discipline, courtesy and respect.

When all those factors are evaluated altogether, Türkan-Tuncer Hasçalık Tourism and Hotel Management College takes its place among the most preferred higher education institutions in Turkey.



Erciyes University Türkan-Tuncer Hasçalık Tourism and Hotel
Management College